45 Flirty and Funny Replies to “You’re Hot” Comment

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As a seasoned social butterfly, I’ve often found myself on the receiving end of the comment, “You’re hot.” While it’s always lovely to receive such compliments, coming up with witty and flirty responses can be a true art form.

In this article, I’ve put together a list of 45 funny and flirty replies to this comment that I’ve used or encountered along the way.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your banter or just need a good laugh, I hope these responses serve as a fun guide! Do remember that you need to smile while giving these answer if you want them to work.

1. Reply: “I’m glad you have amazing judgment!”

Logic: This acknowledges the compliment while humorously implying that the person complimenting is intelligent for noticing your appeal.

2. Reply: “Well, I’ve been working out in the oven.”

Logic: A playful and humorous response that takes the compliment in a literal sense.

3. Reply: “Thanks, but attractiveness is just a light switch away.”

Logic: This is a charming way of saying beauty can be subjective and it’s the inward qualities that matter.

4. Reply: “You must be ice cream cause I melt around you.”

Logic: Flirting back in a cute, humorous way by making them feel they are also special to you.

5. Reply: “So you’re into spicy stuff, huh?”

Logic: This takes their comment in stride while returning their flirtation with humor.

6. Reply: “Imagine if I dressed up!”

Logic: Playfully suggesting that if they think you’re hot now, they should see you when you really put effort into your appearance.

7. Reply: “Well, radiating beauty is my daily exercise.”

Logic: Funny response implying that being attractive is your workout routine.

8. Reply: “Thanks! It’s nice to meet a fan.”

Logic: A humorous response positioning yourself as a celebrity and them as your fan.

9. Reply: “Are we talking about temperature or looks here?”

Logic: An entertaining way to playfully tease them about being specific with their compliments.

10. Reply: “You should see me in 3D.”

Logic: Playful response suggesting that their assessment of your attractiveness is based on two dimensions only.

11. Reply: “Save room for my personality!”

Logic: A gentle reminder that there’s more to people than just looks in a funny and flirty way.

12. Reply: “Well, I’m quite a sight when you get your beer goggles on!”

Logic: A witty way to suggest that their judgment may be clouded.

13. Reply: “Are you referring to my body temperature? I’m burning up!”

Logic: Playfully taking the compliment literally as if they’re talking about body heat.

14. Reply: “Well, you haven’t seen me first thing in the morning yet!”

Logic: A humorous response pointing out that everyone has their less glamorous moments.

15. Reply: “And here I was worrying about global warming.”

Logic: A funny response tying their compliment into a common hot-topic issue.

16. Reply: “You must be a magician because you’ve got me under your spell.”

Logic: Flirting back in a sweet and playful manner.

17. Reply: “Stunning is my middle name.”

Logic: A confident and flirty reply that asserts you know your worth.

18. Reply: “Everyone can’t resist my charm, it seems.”

Logic: This response playfully suggests that you’re too good for everyone to resist.

19. Reply: “Aren’t we all? Thanks for noticing though.”

Logic: This is a light-hearted, inclusive way of accepting the compliment while extending it to others.

20. Reply: “Thanks, it’s the mirror’s favourite subject too!”

Logic: This flirtatiously implies that even inanimate objects find you attractive.

21. Reply: “It’s not just the looks, darling!”

Logic: Playful way of saying there is more to you than just being hot.

22. Reply: “I can literally set your heart on fire.”

Logic: That’s a witty way to respond, suggesting you’re hot enough to ignite literal flames.

23. Reply: “Oh really? You should see me when I try!”

Logic: This cheeky retort implies they’ve not seen the best of you yet.

24. Reply: “Not as hot as your sweet words!”

Logic: This is a flirty way to compliment them back indirectly.

25. Reply: “Thank you! I was just about to say the same about you.”

Logic: Polite and direct flirtation by returning the compliment.

26. Reply: “Funny, the AC seems to totally disagree with you.”

Logic: A funny response suggesting that the air conditioner doesn’t think you’re hot.

27. Reply: “Is it hot in here or is it just me?”

Logic: This classic flirty response turns the table back on them.

28. Reply: “Of course, why do you think they call me sunburn!”

Logic: Humorous and offbeat response, taking ‘hot’ literally again.

29. Reply: “Careful! I might cause global warming.”

Logic: This response charmingly plays into their compliment while exaggerating for comic effect.

30. Reply: “So I’ve been told…often!”

Logic: A way to accept the compliment while hinting at how often you receive such compliments.

31. Reply: “Big words coming from someone steamy as you!”

Logic: Complimenting them back but in a flirty way.

32. Reply: “I can return the favour if you want.”

Logic: Flirty response implying that they are also attractive.

33. Reply: “Must be my glowing personality you’re feeling!”

Logic: A witty reply shifting attention from physical beauty to personality traits.

34. Reply: “The pleasure is all mine.”

Logic: Graciously accepting their comment by acknowledging it as flattering.

35. Reply: “The hotter the better!”

Logic: Confidently owning their comment by indicating you’re proud of your appeal.

36. Reply: “Well, your ice breaker just melted.”

Logic: A clever comeback flirting back by calling their compliment an attempt at breaking the ice.

37. Reply: “I hope I don’t give you a sunburn.”

Logic: A light-hearted, playful response exaggerating the ‘hot’ compliment.

38. Reply: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?”

Logic: Downplaying their comment while acknowledging mutual attraction.

39. Reply: “Thanks, must be the glow of your charm reflecting.”

Logic: Charming way to play with their words and throw a compliment back at them.

40. Reply: “I bet you say that to all the girls/boys.”

Logic: Teasing response suggesting they’re a smooth talker.

41. Reply: “Cool looks on a hot person like me are to die for.”

Logic: You play along with their comment by acknowledging how your cool looks make a great combination with your hotness.

42. Reply: “That’s why I avoid plastic. Melting hazards.”

Logic: Humorously implying that you might melt since you’re so hot.

43. Reply: “Too hot, hot damn!”

Logic: Using popular song lyrics to reply flippantly and humorously.

44. Reply: “Aren’t we a match hotter than sun?”

Logic: A super flirty reply that suggests both of you together would be an incredibly attractive pair.

45. Reply: “Is it me or did it just get hotter in here?”

Logic: A humorous and flirtatious way to accept their compliment by confirming that you indeed radiate heat, attractiveness-wise.

Navigating the world of compliments and flirtation can certainly be tricky. By approaching it with a good sense of humor and a dash of charm, it can be an enjoyable experience rather than a daunting one.

Whether you choose to use any of these witty replies when someone says “You’re hot” or simply draw inspiration from them to create your own, remember to have fun with it!

We are all unique individuals, and if someone thinks you’re ‘hot’, own it! As long as the conversation stays respectful and enjoyable, there’s no harm in engaging in a little playful banter.